One thing that was always obvious in the Dynamics 365 world that until now wasn’t clear (to me at least) in the Power App world was how to give your Application a sensible and memorable URL that wasn’t org followed by a random set of digits such as org123653dd.

Last night, trying to work out how to do something else, I discovered how to do it so below is a step by step guide.

Step 1
Starting click the cog and select “Admin Center”

Step 2
Click the environment you want to customise

Step 3
Update the Url (and the name if you desire) to something more sensible

If the choosen Url is already taken you will see an error message like the one below

so just move on to the next appropriate name until you find one that hasn’t already been taken at which point the form will save and you will return to the previous screen

And your environment will now have a far more user friendly and professional name that you can share with your co-workers.