As part of the forthcoming 2020 Wave 2 or October release of the Power Platform a few more items are being upgraded to reflect the additional functionality. Of which one of the biggest ones is the Solution Import routine.

However alongside all the improvements (Environment Settings, Connections) the actual import routine has gone backwards and currently the error message for missing dependencies is both cryptic and completely useless.

Where previously you would be greeted with a list of missing dependencies and what they were

You are instead greeted by the message “There are missing dependencies. Install the following solutions before installing this one: “Active”

Which makes identifying the issue impossible.

Resolving this is however easy to do so – from the Solutions list click “Switch to Classic” mode

That will open up the old Solution screen from where you can click Import Solution

and you can reimport the solution file and get a more suitable message. But note, there is another issue here as currently even this view is reporting that the missing Solution is called “Active” when it actually I know the missing solution is the “BareBones – Sales Core” solution I removed to allow me to take the screenshots.