Dynamics 365 – Restricted Sales entities

Back in August/ September 2019 when Microsoft announced the license changes to Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform as part of the wave 2 2019 release Microsoft also announced changes to the list of restricted entities that require a full Dynamics 365 license.

Annoyingly 5 months later that list of restricted entities has still not been updated which is fine until a customer asks, “Can we use the product entity outside of Dynamics” and you disappear off to answer the question only to discover there is no answer.

So last week we decided to do an experiment and see if it is possible to identify the entities that exist in Dynamics 365 but do not exist in freshly created Common Data Service / Power Platform application environment.

This post is the first of a number of posts listing Dynamics 365 entities that don’t exist in non Dynamics 365 / standard Power Platform environments.

For convenience, we are going to display things on a Solution by Solution basis. So here are the Sales related Entities in the msdynce_Sales solution.

D365 Sales Entities not in available in PowerApps

Entity NameEntity System NameNotes
Competitor Competitor?
Competitor AddressCompetitorAddressHelper Entity
Competitor ProductCompetitorProductHelper Entity
Competitor Sales LiteratureCompetitorSalesLiteratureHelper Entity
Contact InvoicesContactInvoicesHidden
Contact OrdersContactOrdersHidden
Contact QuotesContactQuotesHidden
Customer Opportunity RoleCustomerOpportunityRoleHelper Entity
DiscountDiscount ?
Discount TypeDiscount TypeHelper Entity
InvoiceInvoiceProbably Restricted
Invoice DetailInvoiceDetailProbably Restricted
LeadLeadProbably Restricted
Lead CompetitorsLeadCompetitorsHelper Entity
Lead ProductLeadProductProbably Restricted (join on two entities that are both probably restricted)
Opportunity OpportunityProbably Restricted
Opportunity CloseOpportunity Closetied to opportunity
Opportunity CompetitorsOpportunity Competitorstied to opportunity entity
Opportunity ProductOpportunityProduct Probably Restricted (there is lot of business logic behind here)
Order CloseOrderClosetied to Sales Order entity
Product Price LevelProductPriceLevelProbably restricted (join on two entities that are both probably restricted)
Product Sales LiteratureProductSalesLiterature?
QuoteQuoteProbably restricted
Quote CloseQuoteClosetied to Quote entity
Quote DetailQuoteDetailProbably restricted (there is lot of business logic behind here)
Sales LiteratureSalesLiterature??
Sales Literature ItemSalesLiteratureItem??
Sales OrderSalesOrderProbably Restricted
Sales Order DetailsSalesOrderDetailProbably Restricted (there is lot of business logic behind here)

So that’s the Sales side of things – where there are a number of likely entities due to the business logic that occurs behind them.

Next I will move on to the product side of things before looking at Marketing, then customer service and finally some other interesting bits and pieces.

And yes there should be a sales pitch here but I will leave that until everything else is set up and ready to go.